Pennsylvania – Even more reports are coming in about scam phone calls, some of which can be very convincing.

A Grampian woman says she recently received two scam calls. In one, the caller claimed to be from Microsoft. They wanted her checking account number and also said they would need access to her computer to fix it.

The Grampian woman says she also received a call from someone saying they were from the IRS. They claimed she owed money and would arrest her if she didn’t pay. If you receive a similar phone call, just hang up.

In Cameron County, a 67-year-old Sinnemahoning woman lost $5,000 in what’s called a “grandparent scam.”

She received a phone call on Monday saying that her granddaughter was being held in jail after a crash. The victim was told to wire $5,000 to post bail and get her granddaughter out of jail. Once the money was wired, however, the woman learned that it was all a lie.

Amanda LeGars, from the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging, says scammers will often make you think a loved one is in trouble.

If you get a phone call from anyone asking for money or your personal information, be suspicious. If you’re still unsure if something is a scam, you can always call police, describe the situation, and get their advice.

And if you do end up becoming the victim of a scam, never be afraid or embarrassed to tell the police. They can start investigating your case, and the details you provide them can help make sure that other people don’t fall victim to the scam in the future.

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