Treasure Lake, PA – Police have captured the Treasure Lake man who was wanted for the drug delivery resulting in the death of a Jefferson County man.

32-year-old Ryan Saline is accused of selling heroin that would eventually kill 29-year-old Michael Sarvey of Brookville in August.

Sarvey and his sister had allegedly gone to Saline’s house on Aug. 30 to purchase marijuana and three stamp bags of heroin, labelled with the word “Rolex.” Michael Sarvey was found dead the next day of a drug overdose.

An autopsy showed the heroin had contained fentanyl, which is a synthetic drug that’s said to be about 50 times stronger than heroin.

After an investigation, Saline allegedly admitted that Sarvey had been his friend and that he heard that he had died. Police say they have evidence that Saline had sold the heroin stamped with the word “Rolex” that led to the man’s overdose, though Saline denies the allegations.

Saline is facing charges of drug delivery resulting in death and numerous other drug-related charges.

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