Brockway, PA – A Brockway man is facing burglary charges after he reportedly stole money from another Brockway couple who were trying to save money to buy a puppy.

The charges date back to April of 2016 when the victims told Brockway Police that around $800 in cash was stolen from their “pup fund” box inside their home on Chittester Way. The couple also later found that a Beretta 9mm pistol and about $500 of their roommate’s cash was also taken. Fingerprints led police to 27-year-old Brandon Smith, who also goes by Brandon Bell.

Smith was serving time for another burglary when police went to talk with him about the allegations in 2017. He was later paroled in December. Smith says he will be fighting these charges because he doesn’t want to serve time for something he says he didn’t actually do. There are also inconsistencies in the statements of how well Smith and the victims know each other.

Smith is facing two felony counts of burglary, plus multiple misdemeanor charges for theft and receiving stolen property. He is awaiting his preliminary hearing.

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