DuBois, PA – After a deadly school shooting in Florida, so many families are wondering how schools in our area are keeping kids safe. We have the full interview with Jane Bart, the officer in charge of the DuBois Area School Police.

Officer Janice Bart explains how armed police officers are posted inside the DuBois Area School District each day.

While the police are there for security and enforcement, their presence also helps prevent problems before they even start.

Bart says her job really just comes down to building relationship with the students, checking up on them when it seems like something is wrong, and genuinely caring for them.

Listen to the full interview with Officer Janice Bart about what security features are in place, the importance of building relationship with students, how families can help at home, and what it’s like to be an officer inside the schools.

DuBois Area School District was recently ranked at 28 in the top 30 safest schools within Pennsylvania.

Parents can do their part at home by checking their child’s backpack, making sure that they have everything that they need for the day, and looking for signs that they might be frustrated or worried and then talking to them about it.

Let your students know that if they see or hear something that doesn’t feel right, whether it’s inside or outside of school hours, tell a parent, teacher, guidance counselor, school official, police officer, or other trusted adult.

Have questions or concerns? You can always call the DuBois Area School District at 814-371-2700.

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