Ridgway, PA – Almost immediately after the devastating Florida school shooting in which 17 people were killed and dozens more injured, copycat threats started being made by students across the country, including in Pennsylvania.

In Elk County, Ridgway Area High School officials say a Johnsonburg student made a threat on Thursday, saying he was going to shoot up his school. Ridgway took precautions as the individual had previously been a student there. Officers searched the student’s home and didn’t find any weapons or any evidence that the student could carry out the threat. No charges have been filed against that student.

In Indiana County, an 18-year-old Blairsville man made threats on Thursday morning against the Blairsville-Saltsburg Area School District.

Other similar threats were made by students in Huntingdon and Somerset Counties, along with many other school districts throughout the state.

Making threats is never a joke. Remind your students that these kinds of fake threats can lead to serious charges. They distract police from important work, are a waste of resources, and can lead to panic.

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