Hundreds of people packed into the Trinity Point Church of God in Clarion last week to learn about the threat of human trafficking and what to do if you spot suspicious behavior. Although you might not think that human trafficking exists in rural Pennsylvania, state police officials say that the threat is everywhere. Our area has two major transportation arteries, Interstate 80 and Route 28/66, both of which are often used to quickly transport victims to more populated areas.

Talk to police if you see someone who has signs of abuse such as bruises or cuts, seems malnourished, avoids eye contact, or is overly nervous. Other signs include not being able to come and go as they wish, constantly being accompanied by a domineering person, and not having their own personal belongings or their own money.

If you believe someone is a victim of human trafficking or abuse, call police and do not attempt to confront the suspect. Police would rather investigate a false alarm rather than leave someone in danger.

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