Butler, PA – Yesterday was the first day for a medical marijuana dispensary in Butler. We have photos and an interview with the first person to legally purchase medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

These photos and audio segments are used with the permission of Butler Radio Network.

Diana Briggs was one of the first people in line. She had previously travelled outside of the state using the Safe Harbor law to get access to medical marijuana for her son.

Diana’s 17-year-old son, Ryan, has epilepsy and used to have up to 400 seizures each day. With medical marijuana, that number has gone down to 100 per day.

Diana says these products get a bad reputation and are usually misunderstood.

Only those enrolled as patients or caregivers are allowed inside dispensaries.

The products, although made from marijuana, are meant to provide medical relief to people suffering from one of about 20 specific conditions. They are intended to have low THC levels and would be difficult to obtain a high from this kind of marijuana product.

Although Butler has the first dispensary in Pennsylvania, others will follow soon, including in our area.

Visit the official PA government’s webpage about medical marijuana to learn more.

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