Pennsylvania – What do most people want for Valentine’s Day? We have results from a survey of how people will be celebrating, how much they’re spending, what they would most like the receive, and the latest trends for this holiday!

Most couples will say it’s the thought that counts and they just want to spend time with their sweetheart.

But if you’re looking for something tangible to give, took a survey of some of the top Valentine’s Day spending trends.

According to their results, the average person will spend about $55 on Valentine’s Day this year.

They also broke down the results state-by-state. In Pennsylvania, most people chose a bouquet of roses as their top gift, followed by box of chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries, and surprisingly… sunglasses.

Roses, as always, took the top spot for flowers, but if you’re looking for something different, the survey suggests trying tulips or orchids.

To see all of our nationwide data and graphics, visit the full survey results.

Don’t have a romantic sweetheart to celebrate with? With more people celebrating Galentine’s Day and Palentine’s Day, the holiday can still be all about love… the platonic kind. Don’t be afraid to show some affection for anyone special in your life…your friends, pets, and family members.