Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, PA – Reynoldsville, Clearfield and Curwensville declared snow emergencies yesterday to deal with snow that had piled onto the roadways. Those have now been lifted.

With many of the parking lots snowed in as well, many residents were left wondering where exactly they could move their cars. Throughout the day, crews plowed the roads and were able to get most residents to move their vehicles until the plows could pass by.

Whenever there is a large amount of snow like yesterday, it takes everyone’s help to make things safe. That means that you should shovel your sidewalk within 12 hours the end of snow falling.

If you live near a fire hydrant, you’re also asked to shovel a 3-foot perimeter around it to ensure that firefighters and emergency crews have access. Just a few minutes of shoveling could save a life!

No, it’s not always fun, but shoveling your area of the sidewalk and moving your car can make it a little easier for road crews to clean up after a heavy snow storm… making it easier for everyone.

Check up on elderly friends, family, and neighbors during cold winter days like today. Meals on Wheels have been cancelled. Those volunteers are sometimes the only time seniors get to see another person. So stop in and do a quick checkup… you might just make a new friend!

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