Clearfield and Reynoldsville, PA – Clearfield and Reynoldsville have both declared a snow emergency to deal with snow removal.

Reynoldsville residents are encouraged to park elsewhere today while crews continue to work on snow removal. Vehicles should not be parked along Main Street in Reynoldsville today.

Clearfield Borough is asking residents and businesses to remove all vehicles from borough roadways so snow removal can be efficiently completed. Clearfield Borough Police do have the option to tow vehicles from specific roadways to allow for snow removal and passage of emergency vehicles.

If you live near a fire hydrant, please shovel a 3-foot perimeter around it to ensure that firefighters and emergency crews have access. Just a few minutes of shoveling could save a life!

Public sidewalks and public driveways must be cleared within 12 hours of completion of snow fall.

Check up on elderly friends, family, and neighbors during cold winter days like today. Meals on Wheels have been cancelled. Those volunteers are sometimes the only time seniors get to see another person. So stop in and do a quick checkup… you might just make a new friend!

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