Mahaffey, PA – A domestic dispute turned deadly when a Mahaffey woman who says she was being abused stabbed her boyfriend with a steak knife.

31-year-old Kayce Lee is in jail for charges of criminal homicide. Lee and her boyfriend, 57-year-old Richard Bennett, started fighting on Saturday night after drinking.

Lee says Bennett was yelling at her about their daughter’s bedtime. She claims he punched and slapped her multiple times, once so hard that her dentures came out of her mouth.

Lee reportedly admitted to stabbing Bennett. He stumbled out of the house late Saturday night. She says she looked for him but was ultimately was afraid that he would come back to hurt her, so she and their daughter stayed overnight at her grandmother’s house.

She didn’t call police until the day after the stabbing.

While Lee maintains that she only stabbed him because she felt she was in danger, investigators say she didn’t have the kind of injuries that would usually appear in that kind of assault.

Other people who were interviewed say that Bennett had been hurt by the woman before, with one man even saying that Lee had attempted to stab Bennett previously.

Bennett’s body was found near the home, and police say Lee would have passed by him multiple times.

Lee is being held at the Clearfield County Jail, awaiting a preliminary hearing on Feb. 14.

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