DuBois, PA – Parents and teachers had a resounding question for the DuBois School Board last night: What is the rush to move 5th graders to the middle school?

Moving 5th graders to the middle school is just one option that the DuBois Area School District is exploring, but the board has spent months discussing this option in particular.

It’s part of preparing for how to handle the two elementary schools that are in the most desperate need of repairs: Wasson and Oklahoma.

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry and KCB Architects say that it would make more sense financially to rebuild Wasson as a bigger, more well equipped and more energy efficient building than it would be to repair both Wasson and Oklahoma.

The cost to rebuild could be between $25 and $33 million, depending on what configuration they decide.

Click Here to see the full presentation of possible reconfiguration plans and their costs, information about each school’s capacity, the district’s goals, and much more.

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry says that, realistically, the board needs to explore possible solutions as soon as possible.

Listen to the 11-minute interview with superintendent Lansberry. He discusses capacity at all of the schools, repairs that need done at Wasson and Oklahoma Elementary, the possibility of moving 5th graders to the middle school, a possible rebuilding of Wasson, the reasons behind it, and some concerns that parents have for their children.

Deb Hoyt, president of CG Johnson PTA, shares her concerns. She asks, “What is the rush?”

Julie Baun, librarian at the DuBois Area Middle School, assures parents that, no matter what is decided for the district, the teachers are dedicated to taking care of the students.

High school teacher Linda Raukus says the district might move the 5th grade the the middle school, but they won’t be able to do it in an effective way by 2019.

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