Clearfield, PA – A decision has been made in the case of a former employee who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center.

Franklin Walk of Clearfield filed a complaint saying that he was fired for reporting that his boss, former executive director Elizabeth Frankhouser, had explicit photographs on her work computer.

Walk is seeking back wages, pension payments, and other benefits, along with counsel fees.

However, the judge has decided that Walk’s complaint did not give enough specific information. He’s giving Walk another 30 days to file an amended complaint with specific allegations that led to the alleged violation of the state’s whistleblower law. This must include a timeline of when Walk reported the photos to the CCCTC, when he admitted that it was him who had submitted the report anonymously, and when he was fired.

Walk had been a computer systems administrator at the tech school since October 2014. In 2016, Walk repaired Frankhouser’s computer. When he later learned that she had been sending sexually explicit photos to other employee using her cell phone, Walk worried that there could be other inappropriate photos in the school’s computer system.

In 2017, he took an old computer home with him to inspect it. He found inappropriate images on it, which he later sent anonymously to the chairperson of the CCCTC.

Frankhouser’s computer was investigated, and she immediately resigned.

Walk was first suspended and then later fired for removing school property from the school grounds.

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