DuBois, PA – Looking for a fun, inexpensive, and thought-provoking night out? Come to the screening of the film Blood on the Leaves this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Reitz Theater in DuBois.

The cost is $5 and goes towards NAFCO, the Northern Appalachian Film Collective, which strives to bring more filmmaking to our area.

James Neiger, president of NAFCO, says it’ll be an ongoing project, with a new film each month until April.

You can learn more at NAFCO.org.

In Blood on the Leaves, a city boy and country hunter find themselves at a deadly impasse in rural Pennsylvania. All of their unspoken stereotypes, hopes, and fears boil to the surface. How will they survive nature if they can’t survive each other?

Stick around after the show on Friday for a Q&A session with writer and director Vincent Barnard, director of photography Ryan Haggerty, and producer Craig Inzana, who gave us his thoughts.

Blood on the Leaves is this Friday at the Reitz Theater at 7:30. The festival continues until April. Local short films will be shown on Feb. 23, The Black Guides of Mammoth Cave on March 23, and Reefer Madness on April 20.

2018 NAFCO poster Film Festival DuBois

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