Pennsylvania – Bigamy charges landed a man in jail after he was convicted of marrying a woman and then later marrying her 18-year-old daughter… before divorcing her mother.

44-year-old Christopher Hauptmann, also known as Christopher Buckley, is formerly from the Brookville area.

In an ironic twist, Hauptmann is a bail bondsman but was unable to post bail himself. He tried to convince the judge that hundreds of criminals he’d posted bond for would run “buck wild” if he weren’t allowed to remain free to check on them, but the judge didn’t agree.

Hauptmann is prohibited from having any contact with Shannon Deitrich, whom he had married in Florida when she was 43.

He later married her daughter, Kaylee Durovick, in September 2016 without divorcing Deitrich. She was 18. Hauptmann and Durovick are still together.

Hauptmann also has a felony drug conviction in New Jersey. That also prevents him from legally owning guns, which brought four additional charges of illegal weapons possession.

He is facing other charges in Schulykill County for bigamy.

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