Harrisburg, PA – Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania came together to support a new bill package that could reform the state welfare system through what they are calling “The Path to Prosperity.”

Rep. Cris Dush from Indiana and Jefferson Counties

Members of the newly formed Common Sense Caucus say that these bills could give more Pennsylvania families an opportunity to improve their quality of life, while also tackling waste, fraud, and abuse from within the current benefits system.

The package includes more than a dozen bills that address issues ranging from employment incentives and child support protection to residency and work requirements.

This includes legislation calling for a work requirement. It also features a bill that encourages businesses to hire workers who are receiving welfare. Safeguards for the system include protecting it from individuals who attempt to collect benefits in more than one state and those would try to game the system by accessing benefits of the deceased.

The package would still have to be passed by both the House and the Senate before it could go into effect.

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