Harrisburg, PA – Temperatures are expected to stay bitterly cold for the next several days. Here are some tips for staying warm and safe:

Have at least a three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day) and nonperishable, easy-to-prepare food.

Check the batteries in your flashlights and radios.

As temperatures dip closer to zero, drip your faucets to help prevent pipes from freezing.

Keep all heating exhaust vents clear of snow at all times and follow proper safety precautions when using any sort of portable or alternate heating sources. Never use a generator, grill, camp stove, or any type of gas-powered device inside your home!

If you need to go outside, dress in several layers of lightweight clothing and be sure to wear mittens and a hat that can cover your ears. Wearing waterproof and well-insulated boots will help to keep your feet warm.

Keep sand, rock salt, or non-clumping kitty litter on hand to treat walkways and steps.

While it is most advisable to stay off the road during a storm, make sure your car is properly winterized and contains emergency supplies that includes a first-aid kit, blankets, and other disaster relief items to keep you save when traveling.

Don’t forget your pets! Be sure to bring them inside, providing a warm and safe place to stay during the storm.

Finally, check on family, friends, and neighbors who may require special assistance – such as the elderly, people living alone, and people with disabilities.

For more information you can visit the Red Cross Winter Storm Safety webpage.

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