Clearfield, PA – A Clearfield couple faces charges after they were allegedly found too intoxicated to take care of their three children.

Police were helping someone who had been locked out of their vehicle on Dec. 2 when 26-year-old Timothy Howe walked out of his house and approached officers.

Police say he wasn’t wearing a shirt, was jittery, and wasn’t making any sense. He told officers that there were chemicals on the walls in his home.

When police went to the house, they found 22-year-old Brooke Howe, along with two 3-year-old children and a 2-year-old. Officers say the children were asleep on the floor, near a butcher knife and broken glass. One of them was not wearing a diaper.

Brooke Howe allegedly asked police to take her home. When they asked for her address, she gave the address of the same home and did not seem to know that she was already there.

Police say that the couple continued to talk about the chemicals that were on the walls and were clearly under the influence. Both are being charged with endangering the welfare of children.

All three children were taken to Brooke Howe’s mother’s home where they are being cared for.

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