A car dealership in DuBois is supporting local cancer patients by helping to pay for their basic expenses.

The Bob Perks Fund provides financial assistance to DuBois cancer patients, who struggle to pay for their basic expenses. In the past two years, Johnson Motors has donated nearly $20,000 to pay the rent, heat and utility bills of community members who are battling cancer.

Bob Johnson, president of Johnson Subaru in DuBois, says he knows that many people struggle financially even when they are healthy. When you add cancer into the mix, it can become hard to pay the usual bills.

During December, Subaru donates $250 to the Bob Perks fund for every vehicle that Johnson Subaru sells, and Johnson Subaru itself donates an extra $55 for each vehicle.

Johnson Motors is holding a holiday open house on Friday, Dec. 22 so people can learn about the Bob Perks Fund. You can come make a donation or just get some literature and learn about the program.

Come to Johnson Motors in DuBois (just past the Blinker Light Sheetz) on Friday, Dec. 22 from noon until 5 to spread some holiday cheer.

You can also learn more about the Bob Perks Fund at their website or Facebook page.

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