DuBois, PA – Not even a year after major changes and closings of three elementary schools within the DuBois Area School District, families are now concerned about a possible proposal that would send fifth-graders to the middle school.

Parents have already voiced their disagreement, saying that the children are too young to be put in the same building with older students.

Superintendent Luke Lansberry says it was just one option that they were exploring and that they won’t be voting on it any time soon.

Lansberry says that a study of the middle school showed that it was only at 60 percent of the capacity it could hold, whereas it should ideally be at 85 percent capacity to make the best use of the building and available state funding.

Any families who want to give their opinions on fifth-graders possibly moving to the middle school are encouraged to call the district office at 814-371-2700.

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