Kohlhepp’s True Value will downsize, and the company will focus more on the stone center portion of the business.

Ben Kohlhepp says December will be the last month for the rental center. He’s looking to rent out the hardware side of the building.

The stone center side of the building will remain, along with limited hardware supplies, plumbing, and fasteners.

Ben Kohlhepp told the employees about the situation on Tuesday. He plans on keeping three employees, plus himself and his son. Three other part-time and three full-time employees will have to find another job.

The granite top business has been very profitable, but the other parts of the business have had some tough years.

Ben has been in business at Kohlhepp’s for 45 years, and the business has been in business for a total of 114 years. He thanks everyone for their loyalty and their business. Although Kohlhepp’s is changing their strategy and downsizing, it’s a change that they hope will help keep them afloat.

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