Osceola Mills, PA – Clearfield County residents are still in shock after a double homicide on Friday, and there were apparent warning signs before the man took the lives of his ex-girlfriend and her mother before ending his own life.

The shooting in Osceola Mills took the lives of 21-year-old Victoria Schultz, and her mother, 47-year-old Beth Schultz, and injured 25-year-old Jessica Schultz, who remains in the hospital at this time.

The suspect, 26-year-old Cody Bush, was later found dead near Route 53 in Ashland of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

State police had been to the house in Osceola Mills on Wednesday after Bush had reportedly threatened to hurt Victoria Schultz and the rest of her family. Just two days later, he came back to the house to fulfil his threats.

Bush was also charged at the end of October with stalking and harassment in Osceola Mills.

Friends and neighbors remember Victoria and Beth Schultz as warm and friendly people who loved their family. Some Osceola Mills residents have been leaving their porch lights on in memory of them.

There’s no word on if there is an official fund drive where people can donate to the Schultz family.

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