DuBois, PA – A DuBois man who was accused of selling heroin that caused at least two overdoses will send up to five years in state prison.

23-year-old Terron Davis-Williams was caught in early July when a confidential informant bought two bundles of heroin from him.

The bags were stamped with the word “spider,” and the drug came from the same supply that Williams had sold earlier.

Two men had overdosed from heroin they bought from Williams, although they were able to be revived.

The prosecution argued that Williams knew the extreme potency of the drugs Williams compared his drug sales to a doctor giving an addict a prescription. He said that it’s not the doctor’s fault if a patient chooses to abuse a drug.

Williams pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve two to five years in state prison. He could also be eligible to serve part of the time at Quehanna Boot Camp.

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