Clearfield, PA – Instead of going to trial, an Osceola Mills man took a guilty plea agreement in the child abuse case of the then three-week-old “Baby Lily.” 33-year-old Aaron Mills was originally scheduled for a four-day trial in December.

In taking the plea, Mills will be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison, although his maximum sentence will still be determined by the court.

His girlfriend, 23-year-old Stephanie McGuire, also took a guilty plea in exchange for testifying against him if the case went to trial. Her jail sentence will be completely up to the judge.

The baby was assaulted in late February when she was just 3 weeks old while being cared for by Mills and McGuire. Baby Lily had fractures in both femurs, a fractured rib, injuries on her face and in her mouth, severe diaper rash, and even injuries to her rectum.

The baby is in a safe home now.

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