Sandy Township, PA – Sandy Township took some time to discuss allowing “elder cottages” in residents’ backyards. The Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging wants to rent out a mobile pre-fabricated tiny house to families who want to keep their elderly loved one close to home.

The elder cottage would be installed in a yard, so that the person could remain independent but also would be close to family as an alternative to assisted living.

The single-floor tiny homes would only be about 40 feet by 15 feet, but they would include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The cost to buy one of the homes would be $65,000. The company Mature Resources would own the homes but could rent them out to families for possibly 30 percent of the resident’s income. When the person no longer needs the cottage, it could be reclaimed and moved to another location.

If Sandy Township allows the cottages, they wouldn’t have to necessarily be built and rented by the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging. Any company could build and rent the cottages as long as they meet the specifications.

However, zoning ordinances would have to be changed in Sandy Township to allow the tiny homes to be placed in someone’s yard. They also want to make specific plans for what would happen to the home when the renter passes away and whether the main home would have to meet some requirements before allowing the second tiny home on the property.

The township supervisors won’t make a final decision until everything is discussed and agreed upon.

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