Harrisburg, PA – Most Trump voters in Pennsylvania think the president is doing a good job, but when it comes to protecting national monuments they have a sharply different opinion.

Although the president has said that he wants to reduce the size of at least two national monuments in Utah, about 90 percent of Trump voters in Pennsylvania who were surveyed say they support preserving these monuments.

Read the full survey results, which show that, even though many voters support Trump in general, they do not support reducing national monuments.

David Kochel of Red America Blue America Research says Americans see these places – like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty – as symbols of national pride.

Trump’s plans for some national parks and monuments could boost parts of the economy, especially if industries are allowed to move into protected areas where they were once forbidden. However, this study showed that both conservatives and liberals would usually rather keep their national landmarks.

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