Pennsylvania – Statewide elections are 99 percent of the way calculated, and we can tell who won.  Results for Clearfield and Jefferson County are also finished, except for write-in candidates.

Pennsylvania ballot results

Clearfield County results

Jefferson County results

All results are pending official and final tabulation.


Clearfield County main races:

Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts

  • Curtis Campman (Democrat) – 47 percent
  • Brian Spencer (Republican) – won 53 percent


DuBois School Director District A

  • Write-in candidates only – will have to be calculated by hand with official results at a later time


Jefferson County main races:

County Coroner

  • Tammy Stansell (Democrat)
  • Brenda Shumaker (Republican) – Shumaker will be the first female coroner in the county


Statewide results:


Justice of the Supreme Court (asked to choose one)

Sallie Mundy (Republican) – won 52 percent

Dwayne Woodruff (Democrat) – 48 percent


Justice of the Supreme Court (retention) (asked yes or no to retain)

Thomas Saylor – 68 percent yes

Debra Todd – 71 percent yes


Judge of the Superior Court (asked to pick no more than four)

Maria McLaughlin (Democrat) – won

Carolyn Nichols (Democrat) – won

Deborah Kunselman (Democrat) – won

Geoffrey Moulton Jr. (Democrat)

Craig Stedman (Republican)

Emil Giordano (Republican)

Wade Kagarise (Republican)

Mary Murray (Republican) – won

Jules Mermelstein (Green)


Judge of the Superior Court (retention) (asked yes or no to retain)

Jacqueline Shogan – 69 percent yes


Judge of the Commonwealth (asked to pick no more than two)

Ellen Ceisler (Democrat) – won 25.6 percent

Irene Clark (Democrat)

Paul Lalley (Republican)

Christine Fizzano Cannon (Republican) – won 25.8 percent


Ballot question

Proposed constitutional amendment amending the Homestead Property Tax Assessment Exclusion

Yes – 54 percent

No – 46 percent


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