Pennsylvania – You’ll notice something different when you’re driving home from work today… it’s going to be a lot darker. Because we turned the clocks back for the end of Daylight Saving on Sunday, the sun will set around 5 this afternoon.

AAA suggests that you use high-beams in poorly lit areas but remember to dim your headlights for oncoming cars and when you are driving behind another vehicle.

If an oncoming vehicle is shining their lights into your eyes, look down and to the right on the road (to the white line) to avoid being temporarily blinded.

Use the nighttime setting on your rearview mirror.

Make sure your windshield and your headlights are clean.

Bicyclists, pedestrians, and kids will still be outside, but it will be much harder to see them now that it gets dark earlier. Motorists should slow down and be extra alert, particularly in residential neighborhoods and school zones.

AAA suggests that pedestrians should wear bright or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.

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