Clearfield and Jefferson County, PA – Although it’s an off-year election with smaller races, it’s still important to vote tomorrow.

Pennsylvanian voters will make choices on the state’s appeals courts, consider a change to possible property tax laws, and decide races for mayors, school board members, and other local government positions.

The biggest statewide race is for the state Supreme Court, where an appointed justice, Republican Sallie Mundy, wants to keep her seat for a full 10-year term. Her opponent, Allegheny County Judge Dwayne Woodruff, is a former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive star who currently handles family court matters.

In other court races, voters will be asked to choose two candidates for the Commonwealth Court and four candidates for the Superior Court. Depending on your municipality, you will likely also be also to make a decision about your mayor and school board members.

All Pennsylvanian voters will be asked to vote yes or no on the Homestead Exclusion Amendment. It’s an amendment that wouldn’t by itself eliminate property taxes but would allow the House of Representatives to allow counties, municipalities and school boards to decide to not tax property in favor of using other taxes instead.

You can see a sample ballot and compare candidates’ stances on major issues by visiting and typing in your address.

Although does have extensive information about most of the statewide races, it does not have information on your mayor or school board elections.



When can I vote?

Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Registered voters who are in line at 8 p.m. will still be allowed to vote.


Where can I vote?

Your polling place depends on where you live. Most polling places are public buildings where large crowds can gather, such as town halls, fire stations, schools, church centers or community centers. To find your exact polling location, visit and click on the “Find my polling place” link on the right side of the page.

City of DuBois:

  • First Ward – Friendship Hose House
  • Second Ward – Christ Lutheran Church
  • Third Ward – DuBois Hose House No. 3
  • Fourth Ward – Fourth Ward Hose House
  • Fifth Ward – Goodwill Fire Hall

Sandy Township:

  • Falls Creek area – Adrian Sandy Fire Company
  • West Sandy Township – West Sandy Fire Hall
  • Oklahoma area – Oklahoma Fire Company
  • Treasure Lake area – Treasure Lake Fire Company
  • Sabula area – Hickory Grange

Other locations:

  • Reynoldsville – Reynoldsville Fire Hall
  • Brady Township – Brady Community Building
  • Union Township – Union Township Fire Hall
  • Bloom Township – Blown Township Building
  • Edge of Reynoldsville / Winslow Township – Winslow Township Municipal Building
  • Sykesville – Town Hall
  • Big Run – Big Run War Memorial
  • Brookville – Heritage House
  • Edge of Brookville / Polk Township – Polk Township Municipal Building
  • Edge of Brookville / Pine Creek Township – Pine Creek Fire Department
  • Brockway – Brockwayville Depot

What do I need to bring?

You do not need your voter registration card, but you will need to have previously registered and be able to know your voting location. If you are voting in an election district for the first time, you will need an approved form of identification, either photo or non-photo. No other voter will be asked to present an ID.

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