DuBois, PA – The Juniata Elementary School in the DuBois Area School District banned peanuts from the building earlier this month, but the initial response has been angry.

Even the mother of a 6-year-old child in the school who has peanut allergies says that the policy is ineffective and possibly even dangerous.

The mother says her first grade daughter used to have an aide who would accompany the girl everywhere during school. The girl has severe peanut anaphylaxis, which could potentially kill her.

The mother says that, instead of paying for an aide, the school decided to go peanut-free. The district says it wasn’t specifically because of her child and that about two dozen students have peanut allergies of varying degrees.

However, the plan may have backfired. The mother claims she hears other families threatening to bring peanuts into the school and specifically target children with anaphylaxis, which would make the school much more dangerous instead of safer for those students.

Dr. Luke Lansberry, superintendent of DASD, says he wants people to focus on the positive and make some small changes to keep all of the students safe.

The peanut-free policy is only in effect at Juniata Elementary. The district has brought in a medical expert to explain the policy to the faculty and staff.

The school-wide ban could turn into a classroom-wide ban if an allergy expert that the school has brought in decides that it would be effective enough.

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