DuBois, PA – The DuBois Area BEST Robotics team is heading to Fargo, North Dakota again!

They’re representing our area in the robotics regional championships early in December.

BEST stands for Boosting Engineering Science and Technology, and teams compete throughout the world to build robots that can help humans in the workplace.

Denton Runyon, a Senior at DAHS in his fourth year of Robotics, says the robots can be put into more dangerous situations than a human can.

The teams are scored not only on how well their robots perform, but also by how well the teams work together, how they document their project, and how they market the robot.

The theme this year is Crossfire, which means the robots will complete tasks that are generally very dangerous for a person during a fire. The robots simulate extinguishing a fire, moving objects and chemicals, and rescuing a mannequin.

Jacob Feldbauer, a Sophomore at DAHS in his fifth year of Robotics, says the people in BEST Robotics are like any other high school team.

The teams are also scored on how well their robots perform, how the teams work together, how they document their project, how they market the robot, and good sportmanship.

The second-place winner from our area, the St. Marys team, will also fly out to North Dakota for regionals.

The entire trip to North Dakota for regional championships will cost nearly $15,000, which includes the cost of flying out the students and the robot and paying for hotel expenses while they’re there.

The team plans on holding fundraisers throughout the next month, and community members can always make a donation.

You can contact the DuBois Area High School at 814-371-8111 to make a donation so students can continue to enjoy the BEST Robotics program and other after-school organizations.

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