DuBois, PA –  The City of DuBois is still weighing its options on how to handle traffic at the four-way intersection on Beaver Drive.

The idea is still in the preliminary stages, but city officials say the intersection can be confusing and dangerous and needs fixed. The traffic can be especially bad as buses are leaving or arriving at the schools or if people are just not paying attention and don’t know if it’s their turn to go.

DuBois is looking at a possibility to remove the stop signs where Beaver Drive meets Division Street. Although a roundabout was initially suggested, some residents worry that not enough people know how to drive on a roundabout.

Other people have suggested installing a traffic signal instead or simply not changing anything about the intersection at all.

City officials are hoping to hear from you and get your feedback on the Beaver Drive intersection. To give them your thoughts, please call the DuBois City Building at 814-371-5521.

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