Pennsylvania – This year, you can deck the halls with plenty of holiday job listings, as businesses across the country say they’re making plans to hire additional workers for the busy end-of-year season.

Nationwide, retailers plan to add 650,000 jobs, with most restaurants also planning to increase staffing.

Robert Doar was a New York City commissioner in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration and is now a senior adviser with the Path Forward Coalition. He says those opportunities are ripe for many different demographics.

“College students or senior citizens that aren’t really interested in working full-time, but they also can be a way in which you establish a relationship with an employer, develop a record of success in the workplace. And that can translate into full-time jobs in the long run.”

Doar notes that with the fast-paced nature of the holiday shopping and dining season, workers of all ages stand to gain critical life skills, such as working under pressure and gracefully handling complaints.

Tips for getting hired as a seasonal worker:

  • Large retailers and restaurants are more likely to hire more extra people than smaller shops.
  • Start applying early. Many stores already know how many people they will need to hire for the holiday season.
  • Even if you apply online, you might want to stop into the store in person.
  • When dropping off your resume/application or going for an interview, dress in business casual clothing.
  • Be ready to do a short impromptu interview when you drop off your resume/application. Bring all documents you might need and a pen.
  • Be honest about what days and hours you can work. The more flexible your schedule is, the more likely it is you’ll be hired.
  • Be polite and thank the interviewers/managers for their time. Even if you don’t get hired right away, you could make a lasting impression.

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