Clearfield, PA – Because they have consistently had contamination issues with donations, the recycling site at the Clearfield County Jail will no longer accept clear glass bottles and jars.

This only affects the one specific donation site. There are strict standards for glass processing. If any wrong glass is included, the entire load of recycling has to be rejected.

Window glass, drinking glasses, plates, fluorescent bulbs, and mirrors will all cause a load to be rejected. Due to severe contamination issues at the Clearfield County Jail recycling site, the county will no longer be accepting clear glass bottles and jars for recycling, effective immediately at this specific site.

If you’d like to recycle glass, you’ll now have to take it to a different recycling collection site. If you have any questions regarding what can and can’t be recycled, contact the Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority Office by calling 814-765-5149.

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