Brockway, PA – A Brockway man has been sentenced to state prison for assaulting a woman and threatening a police officer.

55-year-old Douglas Hess will spend two years in state prison and three years of probation for aggravated assault. He will also not be allowed to have contact with the victim or drink alcohol.

In January, officers were called out to Hess’s apartment on Main Street in Brockway. A woman was inside, screaming for help after Hess had allegedly beat her until she was bloody.

The fight had apparently started when Hess had been doing meth and felt what he thought were bugs under his skin. He became angry when the woman said that there were not actually bugs.

When the officer went into the apartment, Hess came out of the bathroom where he had reportedly been doing meth.

Hess attacked the officer, throwing a cigarette at her, threatening to stab and shoot her, telling her that she deserved to die, and spitting on her. The officer eventually handcuffed Hess and put him into the police vehicle, where he continued to threaten her.

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