Clearfield, PA – A former Morrisdale firefighter pleaded guilty to arson and was sentenced for a 2016 truck fire.

63-year-old William Verbeck was charged for setting fire to his truck on Aug. 23 of last year and claiming that raffle tickets and cash for the Morris Township Fire Department were inside.

When questioned, Verbeck eventually admitted that he intentionally set the truck on fire because he was having money problems.

He was sentenced to 30 days to 1 year in jail, plus 3 years of consecutive probation. Verbeck paid $1,460 in restitution beforehand, or otherwise the minimum sentence would have been 90 days.

He still owes money to both the fire company and the bank that financed the vehicle. He originally owed a total of more than $2,700 to the Morris Township Fire Company and more than $4,700 to the bank.

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