Indiana, PA – Less than two weeks after a massive drug bust in Clearfield and Jefferson counties, 26 mid-level dealers were arrested in a drug bust in neighboring Indiana County.

The year-long investigation involved undercover drug buys by troopers.

Most of the suspects were from Indiana, Blairsville, Blacklick, and Sagamore.

Officials gave 24 names of people arrested in the drug bust:

  • Josh Chew, Homer City
  • Robert Oddy, Black Lick
  • Tristin Darr, Lucerne Mines
  • Shawn Jodon, Blairsville
  • Dennis Fryer Jr., Black Lick
  • Justin Ruffner, Blairsville
  • Heather Barrett, Saltsburg
  • Candace Sessi, Indiana
  • Nicholas Empfield, Blairsville
  • Lee Walker, Lucerne Mines
  • Roger Miller, Indiana
  • Karlie Janowski, Indiana
  • Jacie Long, Indiana
  • Ursula Guntrum, Indiana
  • Phillip Zimmerman, Indiana
  • Jamie Kelly, Sagamore
  • Larry Kelly Jr., Sagamore
  • Benton Troup, Indiana
  • Phillip Maines, Indiana
  • Brandon Scott, Indiana

Four others were taken in custody on other charges:

  • Frank Gardner, Indiana
  • Ryan Rich, Blairsville
  • Robert Peiffer, Blairsville
  • Shawn Aukerman, Blairsville

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