DuBois, PA – The diapers that you donated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey are now on their way!

There were 50,000 loaded onto this truck, but nearly 100,000 diapers will be sent from DuBois by the end of it. Some have already been shipped, some were shipped directly from suppliers, and others will be sent through the mail to wrap up the campaign.

Mike Dilullo of Dillullo Transport volunteered to drive the diapers to their final destination, the Texas Diaper Bank.

Jodi August from the DuBois Chamber of Commerce helped to organize the event.

Watch a video of some of the people involved and see the diapers get loaded onto the truck

Thank you to Greg Cranmer and Melissa Bortzer from State Farm Insurance in DuBois who started the diaper drive, the DuBois Chamber of Commerce for organizing it, Goodwill Industries for picking up the donations and storing them at their headquarters, and Dilullo Transport for driving the diapers to Texas.

Of course, a big thank you to everyone who donated! We know that this will make an incredible difference for the people who were affected by the hurricane, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Diapers From DuBois

Mike Dilullo (Dilullo Transport), Nick Suplizio (Goodwill Industries), Jodi August (Greater Area DuBois Chamber of Commerce), Melissa Bortzer and Greg Cranmer (Greg Cranmer State Farm Insurance), Zach Ross (kneeling, Goodwill, forklift and pallet wrapping), James Maines (standing, Goodwill, transportation supervisor)