Clearfield, PA – Funding for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program in Clearfield County is getting cut by about $54,000, meaning changes will have to be made if they want to keep offering rides to hospitals and clinics to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go.

Lisa Kovalick, Community Development Specialist, says the cut will eliminate the number of trips that can be taken by consumers of Clearfield County for Medical Assistance transportation.

Kovalick says there are two ways that funding can be recuperated. One is to work with ATA on the shared ride program and ask them to provide more shared rides, and other one option is to reduce the number of staff who are running the program. AUDIO

They would also like to be able to provide rides to more individuals. Currently, individuals with appointments at off hours are not able to receive rides. If someone has dialysis at a time when rides are unavailable (for example, early in the morning), they don’t have a ride. Others may have issues with methadone clinic transport.

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