DuBois, PA – As students are settling into a new school year and changes in local elementary schools, we checked in with the DuBois School District about how they’re adjusting.

Now that classes have been underway for about a month, DuBois Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry says that students, parents, and teachers are all adjusting well.

Other elementary school news:

  • The elementary schools now have a full-time gym teacher, which means students can enjoy new health classes, such as a class focused of wellness, a new mindfulness class, and a course called “drums alive,” featuring lots of moving to music.

At the middle school:

  • Middle schoolers can take part in a course that focuses on reverse engineering. Planet Bike will be donating bikes that students will take apart, fix, and reassemble. The finished bikes will be donated to students in the community.

At the high school:

  • The DuBois School District wants to give high schoolers the chance to be a little more independent and learn some money skills by expanding the school store. There are also plans to possibly eventually add a coffee bar to the library so it would give the students more of a “college campus” experience. At least parts of the store would allow students to earn tokens through good work and behavior.
  • Enrollment is just over 1000 students for the high school.  Staff are especially excited about the cyber program for entire district. The program can be used by full time students, students who want to recover credit and are academically behind, and as part of a blended program meant to create an academic support classroom. The blended program is intended to help with dropout prevention.
  • A donation of 240 old jerseys from the football program was made to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Board member Randy Cully Sr. said that the jerseys were “worn but very wearable.” They were cleaned by Paris cleaners and shipped. He said nothing would make him happier than to turn on the TV and see DuBois jerseys in Texas.

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