DuBois, PA – Could you be the loving, nurturing family that a foster child needs? Steeple Furniture is helping raise awareness about the need for good foster care families in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties and how you can get involved with LifeSpan Family Services.

When a child comes into the foster care system, they’ve usually already been through some kind of trauma or confusion, which is why it’s so important to find a loving foster care family to finally give them a safe home.

Because there aren’t enough foster families to meet the needs for all of the kids who need to be place, Steeple Furniture is sponsoring radio advertisements to promote LifeSpan Family Services through the Sunny 106/Steeple Hometown Hope award.

Mary Collins, the director of LifeSpan Family Services, says a good foster home provides kids with a place where they can feel loved and secure.

Listen to Mary’s full interview.

If you’re thinking about fostering or adopting, reach out.

Visit the LifeSpan Family Services office in the DuBois Mall. You can also call them at 814-246-2125 or visit www.lifespanfamilyservices.com.

A big thank you to Steeple Furniture and their Hometown Hope award for helping us spread the word about LifeSpan!

LifeSpan Hometown Hope

Mary Collins from LifeSpan Family Services (left) and Sherri Ball from Steeple Furniture of Rockton (right)

LifeSpan Family Services foster

Visit LifeSpan Family Services inside the DuBois Mall

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