Wharton, TX – Our local Red Cross team is back home, safe and sound, after a two-week trip to the places most affected by Hurricane Harvey.

They spent most of their time in Wharton, Texas, about an hour south of Houston.

Tim Barker, the mayor of Wharton, called them “his heroes.”

Judy Korenek, one of the residents of Wharton, describes how terrible the flooding was. Listen to the 6-minute interview with Judy about how the flood damaged her home, how she escaped from the home after, how the Red Cross and others helped, and what daily life is like now.

Gene Grzeda, of DuBois, drove the local Red Cross’s vehicle, along with two other volunteers he picked up, Irv Maurer of Hermitage and Julie Fox of Rochester, NY.

We’re so proud of Gene Grzeda, a Red Cross volunteer from DuBois, who took time out of his life to serve those who needed it the most.

If you’d like to volunteer with the Red Cross in any way, please call their DuBois office at 371-2750.

The mayor of Texas, Tim Barker, called our Red Cross “his heroes.” Pictured: Irv Maurer of Hermitage, PA, Julie Fox of Rochester, NY, Mayor Tim Barker of Wharton, TX, and Gene Grzeda of DuBois, PA.


A new team member came from Mexico to help! His name is Louis.


Helping feed about 8,000 in Wharton, TX.


More team members


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