Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania still isn’t in compliance with the new federal Real ID law, but the state is filing for another extension with the Department of Homeland Security. The current extension will expire on Oct. 10.

The new extension would allow PennDOT even more time to get ready for the changes that would affect photo IDs and drivers’ licenses, which they say will be available by spring of 2019.

If the extension is granted, Pennsylvanians wouldn’t have to meet Real ID requirements until October of 2020. After that, anyone boarding commercial flights throughout the United States will have to have a Real ID, and no more extensions will be granted.

The Real ID system would make all states carry the same information on IDs and would provide more information than before, such as proof of citizenship.

Information on REAL ID in Pennsylvania, including frequently asked questions, is available at www.dmv.pa.gov.

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