Ridgway, PA – A Ridgway man pleaded guilty to disturbing wildlife after the PA Game Commission found that he was the one who had ear-tagged two deer that then had to be euthanized due to CWD concerns.

The unnamed 56-year-old man allegedly told police that both deer had been wild but he tagged them in separate years when they were fawns. He’ll have to pay fines and court costs of more than $2,000.

Pennsylvanians are not allowed to pick up deer, take them into captivity or otherwise disturb wildlife.

The ear-tagged deer were euthanized July 26 in Ridgway because of their potential for Chronic Wasting Disease, a fatal disease that can spread quickly through the deer and elk population.

Captive deer are more likely to carry CWD, which is why the two deer had to be euthanized. They both tested negative for the disease.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Game Commission’s Northcentral Region Office at 570-398-4744, or 570-398-4745.

To report ear-tagged deer encountered in the wild, please call the Game Commission region office serving the area the deer were seen.

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