Nationwide – We hope that if you were taking a peek at the solar eclipse on Monday that you had a pair of certified eclipse glasses. But now that’s it’s all over, what do you do with them? Don’t just toss them out.

The nonprofit Astronomers Without Borders is urging you to donate your solar glasses to schools in South America and Asia, where there will be eclipses in 2019.

The Astronomers Without Borders website will have more details about which companies are taking part in the glasses collection.

A massive collection will be organized within the next few weeks.

If you can’t wait and need to donate your glasses now, you can mail them to the Astronomers Without Borders main office:

Explore Scientific

1010 South 48th Street

Springdale, Arkansas 72762

Not interested in parting ways with your specs? Not only would they make a nice memento, but so long as your glasses are compliant with the ISO 12312-2 safety standard, they can be reused. The next eclipse in North America will be in 2024, so tuck them in a safe spot for the next 7 years.

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