Clearfield, PA – The criminal homicide trial is underway for an Allport woman was accused of causing the death of her then-boyfriend’s toddler in 2013.

22-year-old Jennifer Medzie is said to have caused “abusive head trauma” to 2-year-old Sophia Hoffman-Lauder, who died later at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh on Nov. 17, 2013.

For about six weeks before the girl’s death, Medzie had been living with the girl’s father, Cody Lauder of Woodland, and taking care of the toddler while he worked.

During those six weeks, witnesses say that Sophia’s health had declined, having to go to the doctor for “raccoon-like” circles around her eyes and clumps of her hair falling out.

In the days before her death, the 2-year-old became very sick, often vomiting and having trouble breathing.

Emergency crews were called out to the home on the morning of Nov. 15, 2013, because Sophia became unresponsive. She died two days later at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Medzie reportedly admitted that she had shaken the toddler twice in October but at first denied that she had ever abused the girl in the last month. Later, she allegedly told investigators that she had accidentally bumped the girl’s head on a table recently.

Prosecutors say that Sophia’s death stemmed directly from those injuries. The court case continues this week.

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