DuBois, PA – Take a close look at all of your cash, especially your large bills. Police across the United States are warning about a surge of counterfeit “movie money” that looks surprisingly real.

The movie money is used in films to look very similar to real money, except for some major differences. Most of the fake cash contains that phase “motion picture use only” at the top of the note.

Allen Clause, manager at Priority First Federal Credit Union, lists some of the ways you can tell a bill is real.

  • Feel the texture of the bill. Does it feel too papery? Can you feel the raised ink that real cash always has?
  • Compare it to another bill of the same denomination.
  • Are the lines sharp and distinct? The fine details should not blur together on real bills.
  • Do the serial numbers match from front to back?
  • Look for security features, such as the plastic strip running top to bottom.

For the fake $100 movie bills, one of the easiest ways is to just read the bill and look for phrases that show it is supposed to be used only for films.

Because it is designed for filmmaking, the fake bills can be purchased online. In one case, $8,000 worth of the fake money is selling for $20. Remember, it’s against both federal and state laws to knowingly pass counterfeit money. If convicted, you could spend up to 20 years in jail and face heavy fines.

If you think you have come into contact with a counterfeit bill, contact police immediately. Try to think of where you received the bill, even though they might not be the original source.

Photo:  Courtesy of eBay public listings

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