Clearfield County, PA – A trophy bull elk had to be euthanized after it wandered into an area where Chronic Wasting Disease had previously been found. CWD is a fatal disease that’s highly contagious among deer and elk.

The first case of CWD in the wild was found in June 2017, raising concerns that CWD could be spread north to the adjacent elk range.

When the Game Commission found that the elk was in the Clearfield County area, they had to make the difficult decision to euthanize the elk. A main reason is because elk breeding season is coming up, which means that an infected animal would be more likely to be in contact with other elk and spread the disease.

The 8-by-9 point bull was euthanized on June 7. It’s been submitted for disease testing, and resulting are still pending. If the elk comes back clean, the meat will be donated to hungry families.

Note: The elk pictured is not the elk that was euthanized.

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