Brockport, PA – A Brockport baker came back with some dough after competing in the National Festival of Breads in Kansas. Pam Correll spends her days teaching, but the rest of the time you can find her in the kitchen, mixing up something good.

For the Festival of the Breads, Pam entered a special citrus treat: Orange Marmalade Breakfast Crescents.

They’re incredibly orange flavored. She says she started with a kolache recipe but used orange juice instead of milk. Then she fills the inside of the crescent rolls with orange marmalade and tops them off with a sweet orange glaze with zest.

The National Festival of Breads website has all of the recipes, including Pam’s.

Pam Correll was one of just 8 finalists nationwide.

The National Festival of Breads paid to fly Pam out to Kansas to see where some of the ingredients come from and make her tasty recipe inn open kitchen during the festival.

For the first couple of days, they whisked her around Kansas, showing her the sights. Soon, however, it was time to get to work.

During the competition, each finalist was asked to bake their recipe from scratch three times. They were allowed to present the best sample of their baking from that day. Each participant also had to give a speech for the judges about how they made the recipe.

Although Pam didn’t win this time around, she says sometimes it’s better to lose because she can enter next time and do the whole experience again.

She didn’t leave empty handed. All of the participants got plenty of free baking accessories and $500.

Want to make Pam’s orange marmalade breakfast crescents at home? Come to our office at 12 W. Long Ave. in DuBois for a free autographed copy of the cookbook from the competition.

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