DuBois, PA – If you live within the City of DuBois, expect to pay more for your sewage bill starting in October. The increase is coming after the treatment plant had to spend $350,000 to reduce to amount of copper in the system, and it will likely cost nearly that much to maintain each year afterwards.

Council member Eddie Walsh says it was a choice of either raising the rates by a little right now or by a lot later on.

The residential rates went from $9 per 1,000 gallons to $11 per 1,000 gallons. Commercial rates have also risen, but their increase depends on how many gallons the company uses. The rate increase is expected to bring in about an extra $30,000 per month for the City of DuBois.

The late charge for sewage has increased dramatically, raising from 1.25 percent to a 10 percent fee when a bill is late. Council says this is to provide more incentive for residents to pay their bills on time.

Although the increases have been approved by the council, an official ordinance still has to be written, advertised and approved. Sewage customers in the City of DuBois will likely see the first increase on their bill in October.

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